The ETCH unit was established in February 2014 as part of an exploration into digital gaming for insecticide-based interventions for malaria control. Since its inception, the team has grown exponentially, exploring digital gaming for a variety of diseases and health challenges in resource-poor settings. The team is made up of Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) researchers and support staff. They bring together expertise from academia, public health and the games industry to develop, assist with delivery and analyse digital solutions for communication and training.

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The unit focusses on the translation of world class research into operational practice. They work closely with health ministries, local researchers and communities to find the best solution for challenging problems. Current projects include 1. Digital gaming to address the sustainable use of effective vector control interventions promoting good insecticide resistance management practices [health system focus], 2. Digital gaming to address gaps and barriers to uptake of HIV testing and counselling [community focus].

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