A Big Thanks to our Brilliant Beta Testers

Members of the vector department and volunteers from LSTM have been searching for bugs of a very different kind this month. As part of the development process it is vital we test the game on as many devices as possible. This will highlight any usability issues and technical bugs before we take the game into the test market phase.

Since the beta testing session, the development team has been working hard, fixing and testing bugs, while implementing some changes to address usability issues highlighted by our volunteers.

The beta testing phase was the first time we’ve been able to observe people play and interact with the game. Feedback has been used to adjust the game difficulty and user interface. In general, everyone was surprised to see the level of detail and quality of the graphics used, the intro animation was definitely a hit. Some found locating information and actions in the game a little tricky, so we’ve added a game map which details what actions, data, and characters are available at each map level. game map blog

We can not stress enough how much we appreciated the detailed feedback we received from our volunteers, which has been pivotal for improving the game design.

The beta testing phase focused on evaluating the usability of the game’s interface and reliability of the software. The test market phase we’re moving into now will evaluate the game as a learning tool, by assessing people’s perception of the game and if there has been any change in their knowledge or attitudes as a result of playing the game.