Roll Out Workshop January 7th – 8th

ETCH is pleased to report on another successful workshop. We’d love to take all the credit, but without the dedication and support from our wonderful participants we wouldn’t be where we are today.

A detailed workshop report has been produced and circulated. Below is a brief summary of discussions.

Day 1: Morning

ETCH were proud to welcome some old friends and some new faces. For some this was their first ETCH workshop and even their first time in Liverpool!

To make sure everyone was up to date with the development project the morning session was devoted to alpha demonstrations and presentations. Including a very insightful look into the world of commercial game development from Bobby Farmer. (EM Studios Director)

Day 1: Afternoon

We opened discussion up to the current practices for insecticide resistance training and planning. At some point discussion turned to the definition of a sentinel site and how this should be represented in the game. Once again we witnessed a clear demonstration of just how important it is to have your stakeholders involved throughout the development process.

Day 2

Despite the events of the day being disturbed by a disgruntled member of the public and a suspicious package we were able to convert hours of discussions, surveys and group work into the first stages of a roll out strategy.

The strategy included three key stages:

  1. Beta testing within the UK
  2. A test market to evaluate ResistanceSim
  3. A targeted and passive product launch

Details of each stage will be included in the product report.

And for those of you still curious about the suspicious package. A pensioner was remanded in custody by magistrates in Bootle after Friday January 8 bomb scare in Liverpool city centre.

David Kenneth Norris, 74, appeared before South Sefton Magistrates court accused of “bomb hoax – placing an article with intent”.

No one was injured following the near three hour stand-off, and the package was subsequently found to pose no danger to the public.


Thankfully all ETCH participants were free to leave the hotel after the 4 hour lock down and still had plenty of time to spare before their journey home