Resistance: Development Update, Putting the Pieces Together

We are pleased to report that the development project is on track and in many ways is also ahead of schedule. Naturally this panics us as we skeptically question why things are going so well and slotting into place so easily.

The first technical build is due to be released in November. This build will allow users to explore the game’s graphical user interface (GUI), giving an accurate feel of how the player will interact with the simulation.

As this is being developed, ETCH will be producing the configuration files that will control the data elements within the game. Some examples of what these files will consist of can be found here. The relationship between the different elements are also being defined; for example, poor application of insecticide in the game will impact the kill rate of that insecticide, it will also increase the probability of another resistance being selected for the vector.

Tieing down this web of relationships is as equally fun as it is challenging. The emergent gameplay generated from these equations we hope will provide a unique experience for each player; while at the same time creating a controlled virtual environment where players decisions lead to believable outcomes. It also allows the game to trigger more complex challenges and scenarios based on the player’s performance, so be warned the better you are at controlling the vector population the more curveballs the game will throw at you.

The jigsaw pieces in this post are previews of the game’s GUI, and may be subject to change.


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