Resistance: Development Update

Next week will be the first workshop with the ETCH Team and EM Studios to kick start the next phase of development for the Resistance game. It’s now time to turn the endless number of documents, workshop notes and pilot analysis into something tangible and let the games begin.

So what’s going to be on our agenda?

Hopefully by the end of our two day workshop we’ll:

  • have a final list of components that need to be in the game, e.g. map, entomology reports etc.
  • finalize indicators for each learning objective, determining exactly what the player needs to do in the game to give us confidence that the learning objective has been achieved.
  • determine how the current ‘game model’ produced by Andy South, will be adapted to fit into the game code.
  • and finally decide on the overall look and feel of the game art.

We’ll keep you posted in the following weeks on how much we achieve from our rather ambitious list.

In the meantime, to give you an idea of all the dots we now need to connect, here’s the teaching models we will be using to ensure each learning objective is addressed during game and scenario design. Examples on how we will apply each model have been given. (The examples provided may be subject to change)

Game Design

Learning model

Game Analysis



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